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What we wish to achieve with the Muslims of India facebook page is simply recording and celebrating the past and present of the Indian Muslim community.

Feel free to send us your submissions by email to sales[@] There are no rules yet. Just we dont want any political stuff as of now. If we dont use it, may be it didn't strike well with us. We are trying to keep it light and simple.

Hope you like the idea and visit, like, share and contribute regularly to this page.


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A new Facebook page titled “Muslims of India” has been created to celebrate, through pictures, the past & present of Muslims of India — people, monuments, culture. We will not be posting things related to politics on this Facebook page.

This FB page started by The Milli Gazette, is managed by a diverse team of volunteers.

The FB page has not only got more than 8000 likes in less than 2 months, but also got media coverage in, Indian Express,

Readers are invited to send us their submissions in a message directly on our Facebook page:

At a time when Indian Muslims are often dehumanized and rendered as a single, threatening monolithic stereotype, we want to celebrate and document the many different people who make up the community, who cannot be bound by an simple description, and are just living their lives as best as they can.

But other than just posting about people, we would like to talk about history, monuments, culture, etc.

There are no rules yet, but we do not want anything political or sectarian/communal. We are trying to keep it simple. Website

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do Muslims of India need a separate Facebook page?

We started "Muslims of India" because we felt the need of showcasing and celebrating, the ordinary and the not-so-ordinary, "humans" who make up the diverse Indian Muslim community. People who too have the same dreams, aspirations and fears and feel the same love for their country as others. This idea might have perhaps dawned due to exponential increase in negative propaganda against Muslims on social media recently. It is we who felt there is need for such a page and not "Muslims of India". But the way people have welcomed the initiative, it seems such a platform was long over due.

2. Aren't you just portraying a glowing, positive image of the community: only the rosy side?

That's exactly the problem. "Thorns" are being exaggerated and hence deeply affecting the general perceptions about Muslims. The proportional roses, which actually exist, are missing from the narrative. There is a need to counter superficial negativity with real neutral and positive stories of common Muslims. Sachar Committee, Kundu Committee, Misra Commission all have documented that the Indian Muslim community is miles away from "glowing". We cant change the economic condition of Muslims or to get them justice by maintaining a page on social media. But we can indeed try to change misperceptions about Muslims. Make them look as normal, as everyone, which they actually are.

3. How is this going to help the community?

Though the subjects of the FB page are Muslims and their lives. The audience had to be both Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslims will feel good to get a break from the usual negative rhetorics. Fortunately we have a sizeable non-Muslim fan following as well. We posted an obituary "End of an Era: who fought for Composite Indian Culture Eminent journalist, playwright and poet, Janab Syed Muhammad Mehdi passed away in Aligarh." People across religion offered their respects. Such information and interactions will insha Allah undo effects of hate mongering by right wingers on both sides.

4. What is the idea behind this page?

We believe this page is inspired by "Humans of New York" facebook page. We follow HONY and have seen its so many copies for a long time. But this idea of having a page to record and celebrate individuals in the Indian Muslim community came out of the blue. And almost everyone we talked to in the beginning welcomed the idea.

5. Can I submit a story?

Our page is very informal you can submit anything interesting about anything related to Muslims of India living anywhere in the world. You submit about your inspiring friend, brother, uncle, neighbour, teacher, boss, colleague, classmate, anyone, even someone you see on the road or in a shop, office, mall. Just it should be a story worth telling. Brief profile of past and present personalities, public figures, teachers, authors, performers, etc all are welcome. Remembering their birth and death anniversaries. Monuments (libaries, masjids, colleges), food, clothing, caligraphy, handicrafts, just anything associated with Muslims.

We are also interested in the stories as may narrated by people born before independence. Like your grandfather narrating what used to happen in, say 1940, in Delhi or AMU or Deoband or Chennai. We think even stories of 1960 will be interesting.

Along with the story we will need a nice picture. Full body picture will be preferred instead of passport size photo. Background can be anything. Workplace will be preferred.

You can email the details to:

Our previous posts include:

An Engineer at ISRO, educated at AMU.

The Rampur Raza Library.

Kashmiri Journalist Sumaiya Yousuf wins Laadli Media Award.

Abdul Rehman Antulay (9 February 1929 – 2 December 2014) first Muslims CM of Maharashtra.

Dr. Zakir Hussain (February 8, 1897 – May 3, 1969) was the 3rd President of India.

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s 125th Birth Anniversary (6 February 1890 — 20 January 1988)

I was returning home, a pundit ji signaled me for a hitchhike.

Nizam of Hyderabad gave 5000 kg of gold in donation to India war effort in 1965, the biggest ever.

AMU’s Dr Mohd Ahmad secures 63 All India Rank in AIPGMEE-2015 among 1 lakh candidates alhamdulillah!

Danish snaps — a 15.25 Lakh — deal

Mahatma Gandhi is seen leaving the shrine of Hazrat Khawaja Syed Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki in Mehrauli

Dr Shamsheer Vayalil behind NRIs being allowed e-Voting Rights.

Yusuf Khwaja Hamied get the CHEMTECH 'Hall of Fame' Award.

Republic day at SDI Madarsa, Hubli, Karnataka

President Pranab Mukherjee presented Sena Gallantry Award to Shaheed Feroz Khan’s widow Nasreen Begum on 15 January 2015 on the 67th Army Day

Dr Saiyad Nizamudddin Ahmad, currently Professor at American University of Cairo, hails from Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh.

NRIs in Saudi Arabia mark India’s Republic day by donating blood

Aqeel Ahmad had to work as an imam at a mosque to earn enough to pay his fee, has bagged four gold medals at Lucknow University, masha Allah.

Brave girl Resham Fatma with President Pranab Mukherjee

Qurratulain Hyder (20 January 1928 – 21 August 2007) Celebrated Urdu Writer, also known as Ainee Aapa

Dr. Muhammad Matiullah, the benevolent Doctor of Gaya, Bihar

Ms Naqvi is a media student. She wants to see more smiles in news.

Raja from Jammu and Kashmir reading the Quran.

Men like Saiyid Hamid do not die. They pass away, leaving behind their lasting legacy to resuscitate a dying society.

Naseema is a 30 year old half-widow.

Wasim, learning the art and business of gems and precious stones from his father, Ishteyaque Ahmed.

A Chennai based renowned philanthropist Dr. B.S. Abdur Rahman is no more.
An evening at Jama Masjid.

End of an Era: who fought for Composite Indian Culture. Eminent journalist, playwright and poet, Janab Syed Muhammad Mehdi (1920-2015) passed away in Aligarh.

15 years ago, on 31 December 1999, One of the greatest Islamic scholars Maulana Abul Hasan Nadwi (R.A.) passed away

Our first post. The Lady of Steel — Zakiya Jafri Saheba with grandson Zubin Hussain.


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