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Monthly Journal of Research, Documentation and Reference

Editor: Zafarul-Islam Khan (2003-2004)

Muslim India Published Since 1983
ISSN 0972-8929
RNI No. 39022/83

Important notice

Muslim India discontinued

We regret to announce that Muslim India publishers have decided to discontinue the publication of this journal after this issue (Nov-Dec 2004). The journal was taken over two years ago when its previous publisher and founder-editor Syed Shahabuddin decided to discontinue it after 20 years of remarkable service to the community in the field of media and documentation. 

The new publishers shouldered the burden for two years and introduced changes and enlarged the scope and coverage of the journal but they failed to enlarge the journal’s tiny subscription base which led to piling losses. Community leaders were informed about this problem about a year ago indirectly as well as directly but there was no response whatsoever.

People who would like to help revive / or takeover the journal may contact me at or Syed Shahabuddin at 

Subscribers who have any balance left may kindly refer to the last page of this issue for refund options. We are also writing to them individually to clear their accounts.

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan (editor)