To give a voice, at national and international levels, to the Muslim Ummah, especially the 150-million-strong Muslim community of India __ the largest after Indonesia;
To highlight the achievements of the Indian Muslim community, including Indian Muslims in the diaspora, which are blacked out by the so-called 'national' media;
To expose 'national' and world media lies and misinformation about Muslims and Islam as well as against other minorities and weaker sections of our society;
To reply to the ilk which thrives on fabricated 'scholarly' research;
To educate Muslims about the real forces and motives behind events and issues at home and abroad;
To follow up communal riots and human rights violations against Muslims and other minorities and weaker sections in India and elsewhere;
To follow up the Babari court cases;
To report truthfully about events at home and abroad, especially in the world of Islam;
To contribute constructively to the dialogue about the responsibilities and status of the Ummah in the twenty-first century;
To inculcate scientific and positive temper among Muslims;
To focus on career, business and educational opportunities at home and abroad;
To expose fanaticism among the community and to guide it towards a positive and constructive role to contribute to the development of a strong and self-confident community, a democratic India and a free world.

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